Work and Volunteer Time

I’m working full time at Swing Left, a grassroots group dedicated to flipping the House for Democrats in 2018. I’m still taking on client work in science communication, but will have less time for it as we get closer to November 2018.

I serve on the advisory board of 500 Women Scientists, a group dedicated to making science open, inclusive and accessible.

Since 2017, I’ve worked as an independent consultant through my firm Science Communication Media. My clients include 314 Action, Cater Communications (Energy Foundation and ClimateTruth.org), Climate Access (State of California sea-level rise guidance), Community Initiatives (San Francisco and multi-city methane study) and Sigma Xi. I’ve also collaborated on a workshop with Randy Olson, who runs Story Circles. My site uses some affiliate links and  I use Gumroad to sell an ebook on science communication with the media.

In January 2017, I volunteered with the climate contingent for the J20 protests, where I worked as a media liaison and helped de-escalate conflicts with Trump supporters who attempted to run into and accost protesters.  I also volunteered with the March for Science national organizing committee, where I coordinated the communication team. (In September 2017, I worked with other volunteers to expose the post-march organization’s lack of transparency and failure to integrate justice issues.) I also put in some volunteer time with the Democracy Initiative and the Franchise Project.

From October 2015 to December 2016 I worked for Cater Communications, a bipartisan strategic communications firm, on a full time basis. (Site and newsletters.) I took a leave of absence in September 2016 to work for NextGen Climate (now NextGen America) where I held down a field office in Athens, Ohio. Our team registered thousands of students to vote and we endorsed Democrats Ted Strickland for Senate and Hillary Clinton for President.

For nine years, I worked at the Union of Concerned Scientists, a non-partisan, 501(c)3 public interest science advocacy organization. (Funding) (Blogs)

I’ve written for Undark.orgPoynter and Ars Technia.

I co-run Nerd Nite DC, a ticketed nightlife event that’s part of a global network of Nerd Nites. The organization has partnered with the Smithsonian Institution, Folger Shakespeare Library and the Planetary Society.

When I was in college, I worked for the office of Jim Saxton, a Republican member of Congress from my home district in New Jersey (NJ-03), both as an intern and as a paid staffer. I also worked for the Center for Policy Alternatives, a now-defunct non-partisan progressive think tank, and the National Air and Space Museum, where I worked in the How Things Fly gallery as an Explainer.

Travel Reembursement

The following organizations paid for some travel, meals and registration costs associated with conducting or participating in meetings on their behalf:

  • American Geophysical Union
  • Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health
  • International Public Science Events Conference
  • March for Science
  • Story Circles
  • United Nations Foundation

Panels and meetings:

I’ve participated in or conducted communications panels and webinars for:

  • Citizens Climate Lobby
  • SpaceTime Labs
  • Poynter Institute
  • Public Leadership Institute

Charitable giving

I concentrate my charitable giving on Population Services International (annual report), which I learned about from Peter Singer’s The Life You Can Save. Personally, I like the idea of contributing to the greatest amount of immediate good per dollar possible.

Politics and Political Giving

My politics is pro-science, pro-justice and pro-democracy. Most of my work has been non-partisan or has been in the service of helping advocates get Democrats and Republicans to advance public interest policy on clean energy and climate change. As Republican policymakers have failed to address climate denial and attacks on voting rights in the own ranks, I’ve taken on more work dedicated to defeating them at the polls.

I’m a registered as a Democrat. I’ve made political contributions to my friend Sean Sharkey, who ran twice for town council in Forked River, New Jersey as a Democrat, winning the second time, and two acquaintances who also ran as Democrats: Rebecca Thompson (ran for MI state rep.), and Jon Hoadley (MI state rep). In 2017, I gave to ActBlue to defeat Republican members of Congress who voted to roll back the Affordable Care Act. I’ve also knocked doors for Danica Roem and the Democratic ticket in Virginia in 2017 and have contributed to Doug Jones for U.S. Senate in Alabama.