I’m an independent consultant and my clients include 314 Action, Cater Communications, Climate Access, and Sigma Xi. I also volunteer as communications director for the March for Science.

From October 2015 to December 2016 I worked for Cater Communications, a bipartisan strategic communications firm, on a full time basis. (Site and newsletters.)

I took a leave of absence in September, October and November to work for NextGenClimate, where I held down a field office in Athens, Ohio. (Site)

For nine years, I worked at the Union of Concerned Scientists, a 501(c)3 public interest science advocacy organization. (Funding) (Blogs)

I own and run ScienceCommunicationMedia.com, which uses Patreon and affiliate links.

I’m doing more writing outside of my day job, most recently for Undark.org.

I co-run Nerd Nite DC, a ticketed nightlife event that’s part of a global network of Nerd Nites.


Through UCS and other professional affiliations, the following organizations paid for some travel, meals and registration costs associated with conducting workshops on their behalf:

  • American Geophysical Union
  • Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health
  • United Nations Foundation

Charitable giving

I concentrate my charitable giving on Population Services International (annual report), which I learned about from Peter Singer’s The Life You Can Save. Personally, I like the idea of contributing to the greatest amount of immediate good per dollar possible.


I’m a pragmatist and have worked with, around and for people associated with both major political parties. I worked for the office of Jim Saxton, a Republican member of Congress from my home district in New Jersey. I also worked for the Center for Policy Alternatives, a now-defunct non-partisan progressive think tank.

I live and work in DC – a one-party town as far as local government is concerned – and am registered as a Democrat. I’ve made political contributions to my friend Sean Sharkey, who ran twice for local town office in New Jersey, winning the second time, and two acquaintances: Rebecca Thompson (ran for MI state rep.), and Jon Hoadley (MI state rep).

In 2016, I worked in Ohio on behalf of NextGen Climate, a SuperPAC that endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.