This is a personal webpage for Aaron Huertas. I’m a resident of Washington, DC and work as a science communications officer at the Union of Concerned Scientists. The views expressed on this site are entirely my own.

My interests include communicating science, media studies, deconstructing political news, life in and around Washington, and the ongoing interaction between our genetic ancestry and our modern technological society. I also watch a ton of TV series. From time to time, I do freelance writing and editing and am always open to new work if you have a project in mind.

On this site, I’ve compiled original articles I’ve written as well as a list of media citations. You can also read my personal blog, which I plan on updating with whatever I find interesting. I also blog for work. Some older posts on this site touch on science communication topics, but I’ll probably save that stuff for the work blog now that it’s up and running.

You can contact me here.

Matt Ortega was instrumental in teaching me how to use WordPress.